iQ Level 2 SMART Educator

Completed iQ Level 1 SMART Educator and looking for more? Get started here to earn your iQ Level 2 SMART Educator certification!  
Emily Erow · 01/04/2024

Congratulations on finishing iQ Level 1 SMART Educator! Ready to take your knowledge and skills to the next level? Get started today with the iQ Level 2 SMART Educator course!

Lessons can be completed at your own pace, and in any order, to earn mini-badges and 1 hour of professional development credit per lesson.

After completing all of the lessons, complete the iQ Level 2 SMART Educator Final Project to earn your Level 2 certification. Final projects are worth an additional 2 PD hours.

Note: The Level 1 SMART Educator course is a prerequisite to earning your Level 2 SMART Educator Certification. Please complete the course prior to starting this one.

Lessons Overview

Active learning strategies increase engagement in students by providing opportunities to learn through thinking, investigating, problem solving, discussing, and creating and/or doing.

Learn how to leverage your SMART interactive display powered by iQ to create active learning experiences.

Student voice and choice provides students the opportunity to indirectly or directly influence education decisions that impact their learning.

Learn how to customize learning for your students with student voice and choice.

Student engagement is characterized by behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement levels in the classroom tied to student and teacher connectedness.

Learn how to implement engagement strategies with interactive tools and activities to capture student interest.

Data used to make decisions regarding student learning, progress, and educational needs should be characterized by four qualities: relevant, diagnostic, reliable, and valid.

Learn ways to capture insights into student learning, provide meaningful feedback, and adjust instruction to meet student needs.

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